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The scope of this project was to provide Traugott Building Contractors Inc. with slab-on-grade foundation for their iPort Cambridge Project, located at 250 Allendale Road in Cambridge, ON.


A slab-on-grade foundation—also known as a floating slab foundation—is a structural engineering practice in which the concrete slab that will serve as the foundation for a building or other structure is formed from a mold that is set into the ground.


We poured 1.26 million square feet of concrete across four buildings.

  • BUILDING A1 (258,000 sq. ft.)

  • BUILDING A2 (116,000 sq. ft.)

  • BUILDING B1 (300,000 sq. ft.)

  • BUILDING B2 (328,000 sq. ft.)

iPort, the starting point for the IP Park in Cambridge, offers premier building specifications and finishes, LEED and zero carbon ready building features, growth opportunities, and quick access to Highway 401.


iPort Cambridge features:

  • A leading tier-1 logistics and industrial campus

  • Phase 1 of the master-planned business park underway

  • State-of-the-art construction

  • Zero-carbon-ready design

  • 40’ Clear height

  • Excellent shipping ratio

  • April 2024 occupancy

  • Ability to finish office to suit

  • 60’ staging bay

  • 103 trailer parking spaces

  • Ample employee parking

  • Proximity to transit and ample amenities


Polished concrete flooring in Cineplex junxion dining and arcade area.



We have worked alongside Traugott Building Contractors Inc. for the better part of two decades, traditionally on small to mid-size retail, grocery, and industrial projects. We were honoured when they sought us out to partner on a project of this magnitude.


At BNE, we are trusted experts in concrete finishing. We have the knowledge, equipment, and skills to install concrete for any type of project. We use industry-leading technology and expertise to provide the client with a polished concrete finish that will last.


The same was true for this project.



The Challenge


For this project, we faced a multifaceted challenge that revolved around lead times on product procurement, the unpredictability of weather changes from summer to fall, and the critical task of coordinating a concrete slab-on-grade pour for a construction project.


Each of these challenges plays a pivotal role in the successful execution of our project, and their interplay underscores the complexity of the situation.

Cineplex interior entrance, polished concrete floors and arcade games in background.



Lead Times on Product Procurement

One of the primary challenges we faced is navigating the intricacies of lead times associated with procuring essential materials and components for our construction project. Timely procurement is essential to maintaining project schedules, and any delay in obtaining these materials could have led to costly setbacks. The lead times for specific products varied, complicating our ability to synchronize different phases of the project seamlessly.


Weather Changes from Summer to Fall

As we transitioned from summer to fall, we encountered a shift in weather patterns that demanded care and consideration. Temperature changes affected the concrete curing process, while excessive rainfall risked saturating the soil, causing instability, and diluting the concrete mix. Mitigating these challenges required adjustments to project planning and resource allocation.


Concrete Slab-on-Grade Pour

The construction of a concrete slab-on-grade is a critical milestone in any project. This phase involves precision and timing, as any errors or delays can have cascading effects on subsequent activities. To ensure a successful pour, factors like weather conditions, concrete curing times, and coordination among various teams must be carefully managed.


The Solutions



Cineplex interior entrance, polished concrete floors and arcade games in background.



For the iPort Cambridge project, our team demonstrated a commitment to finding innovative solutions by thinking outside the box, leading to cost-effective and highly efficient outcomes. By embracing creative approaches and challenging conventional methods, we achieved remarkable results that set new industry standards and exceeded client expectations.


Here are a few worth mentioning:


Value Engineering of Steel Fibre

For this project, we harnessed the benefits of steel fiber reinforcement, a well-known and used engineering innovation. Collaborating closely with Traugott and their proficient engineers, we successfully value-engineered the project by transitioning from a 3D 25kg steel fiber mix to a more efficient 4D fiber 20kg mix.


This strategic modification not only optimized cost savings for the client but also ensured that the structural integrity and performance standards of the slab were met. Our commitment to innovation and cost-effective solutions has resulted in a project that excels both in financial efficiency and structural integrity.


Improved Flatness Tolerances

The stringent flatness tolerances demanded by this project were nothing short of exceptional. This project benefitted from the precision of laser equipment to attain the specified FF40/FL30 flatness and levelness criteria.


Leveraging our state-of-the-art technology and expertise, we not only met but exceeded expectations, delivering results that surpassed the specified flatness requirements of Ff35 and Fl25, consistent with a CSA Class C slab. Our achieved flatness measurements of Ff55 and Fl35 showcase the superior quality and commitment to excellence that defined our approach to this project.


Expedited Pour Schedule

In close collaboration with Traugott, we executed a strategic plan that significantly expedited the pour schedule, ultimately reducing the number of required pours in each building. For instance, in Building A1, we streamlined the process from 12 pours to just 10, while Building B2 saw an even more remarkable transformation, decreasing from 14 pours to a more efficient 10.


This adjustment had a profound impact on our project timeline, enabling other trades to advance their work ahead of schedule—an essential factor in any construction project. This achievement, however, required meticulous coordination with concrete suppliers and an increase in manpower to accommodate the accelerated pouring rate of 30,000 square feet per day. This is a substantial improvement over the original 20,000 square feet per day schedule.






Why We Were the Ideal Partner


Being an ideal partner in any construction project entails more than just fulfilling basic requirements. It involves providing vision, innovative solutions, and a commitment to delivering results that exceed expectations. In the case of our partnership with Traugott Building Contractors Inc. on the iPort project, we proved ourselves the ideal partner by offering not only our expertise but also a proactive approach to overcoming challenges and delivering exceptional value.


1. Vision and Problem Solving

One key aspect that sets us apart as the ideal partner is our ability to envision the project's success from inception to completion. We didn't merely provide services and materials; we brought a comprehensive vision to the table. We understood the unique needs and goals of the iPort project, and we continuously brainstormed innovative solutions to address any obstacles that arose along the way. Our commitment to problem-solving ensured that we didn't just follow instructions; we actively contributed to the project's success.


2. Scalability and Expertise

Catering to a project as expansive as the iPort development, spanning 1.26 million square feet across four buildings, required not only the right resources but also the expertise to manage such scale effectively. We demonstrated our capability to scale our services and materials to meet the project's demanding needs. Our team of experts brought years of experience to the table, ensuring that every aspect of the concrete slab-on-grade construction was executed precisely and efficiently.


3. Comprehensive Services

We didn't merely provide a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we tailored our services and materials to cater to the iPort project's requirements. This customization and attention to detail comprehensively addressed the project's unique challenges. From materials selection to construction techniques, every aspect of our involvement was carefully calibrated to deliver the best results.


Our partnership with Traugott Building Contractors Inc. extended beyond being a service provider; we were integral to the project's success. By collaborating closely, we became a reliable source of guidance, a proactive solver of problems, and a visionary contributor to the iPort project. Our commitment to excellence, scalability, and a comprehensive approach to project needs made us the ideal partner that Traugott Building Contractors Inc. could rely on to bring their vision to life. This partnership demonstrates our ability to go beyond the expected, offering a valuable experience that sets us apart in the construction industry.



The Results


Although the iPort project in Cambridge is still under construction and is set to be completed in the coming year, we are proud of our contribution to the vision and success of this project.


The client's satisfaction is a testament to our meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that their specific needs and expectations were met. The team’s efforts resulted in a seamless completion of the project within the designated timeline and financial framework. Every aspect of the project, from initial concept to final execution, was executed flawlessly, meeting all set parameters and standards. This achievement speaks to our expertise, collaborative spirit, and ability to consistently deliver outstanding results.