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The scope of this project was to provide Cineplex with concrete finishes throughout their new Junxion location in Erin Mills Town Centre.


Cineplex Canada is a modern multiplex cinema chain screening the latest Hollywood films, plus new independent releases. With over 160 locations across Canada, they are known as one of the most innovative in the world.


They have opened their first-of-its-kind entertainment and dining complex near Toronto this year and our team at BNE Concrete Floors & Coatings was a big part of this project.


The 45,000 square foot space is set to replace the former Sears location at Erin Mills Town Centre.


Junxion is a complete entertainment destination, bringing together movies, amusement gaming, dining and live performances all in one space.


  • A brand new movie-theatre featuring ultra-comfy leather recliners in every auditorium and premium viewing experiences like UltraAVX.

  • A 10,000 sq foot games floor featuring video, interactive, and classic arcade options.

  • A fully licensed venue, where customers can enjoy specialty alcoholic beverages and cocktails in theatre, on the games floor, at the bar, lounge and pool tables and in the live entertainment space.

  • Open lobby for events and performances, a stage for live music, and a space for outdoor screenings.


Polished concrete flooring in Cineplex junxion dining and arcade area.



At BNE, we are trusted experts in concrete finishing. We have the knowledge, equipment, and skills to properly install concrete for any type of project. Hyper-polished floors, or polished concrete, offers an economical and environmentally-friendly floor finish.


Polished concrete requires less labour and doesn’t need hazardous adhesives or chemicals that can harm the environment. We use industry-leading technology and expertise to provide the client with a polished concrete finish that will last.


The same was true for this project.



The Challenge


Our consultation services came into play to offer a strategic solution in spaces where food is served and spillage poses a threat to the pristine polished flooring.

Cineplex interior entrance, polished concrete floors and arcade games in background.



Recognizing the critical need to balance aesthetics with practicality, we brainstormed the intricacies of the environment to create a tailored plan. Through careful analysis and collaboration, we created a multifaceted approach that not only safeguards the floor from potential damage but also seamlessly integrates protective measures into the overall design.


This fusion of functionality and aesthetics ensures that the space retains its visual allure while effortlessly maintaining its polished finish.


Why We Were the Ideal Partner


An ideal partner is someone who can provide vision and solutions to a project. This is what we did for Cineplex.


We provided the client with a comprehensive flooring package, including services and materials, to cater to the project's concrete flooring and finishing needs. This package included not only top-tier flooring materials but also a spectrum of services that spanned from installation to precise finishing touches.


We also provided our client with value-added consulting that drew from our wealth of experience. Our seasoned consultants played a pivotal role in guiding decision-making, offering insights that optimized the flooring solution for both functional and aesthetic considerations. Through this value-added consulting, we collaborated closely with the client to align their vision with practical implementation, resulting in an end product that not only met but exceeded expectations.



The Solution



Cineplex interior entrance, polished concrete floors and arcade games in background.



Like every project we handle, time was of the essence.


Upon starting this project our focus was to:


Apply Concrete Finishing

  • Place and finish Slab on Grade

  • Place and finish adaptable accessible theatre seating slabs

  • Place and finish Theatre slab on deck

  • Saw cuts on slab on grade


Apply Epoxy Concrete Coatings

  • Patch and install coves
  • Supply and install epoxy coating
  • Use Sika Canada products


Concrete Finishes Used in the Project

  • Polished Concrete

  • Salt and pepper aggregate

  • Dye floor in stripe pattern in cafeteria

  • Polish Concrete System (densifier, sheen level II and buff) Using Retroplate99


As the project progressed, we came across a challenge. The decorative epoxy lines at the entrance posed a challenge to create crisp, clean lines with ZERO bleed. Our team skillfully accomplished this through intense focus and preparedness.






The Results


The client's satisfaction serves as a testament to the meticulous attention we paid to every detail, ensuring that their specific needs and expectations were met. The team’s efforts resulted in a seamless completion of the project within the designated timeline and financial framework.


Every aspect of the project, from initial concept to final execution, was executed flawlessly, meeting all set parameters and standards. This achievement stands as a testament to our expertise, collaborative spirit, and ability to consistently deliver outstanding results.

Cineplex junxion polished concrete dining area with tables, people eating, structure with string lights and large windows.

The Response


The client's satisfaction with the project's outcome was palpable, setting the foundation for a promising future collaboration. Their positive feedback and contentment with the results serve as a testament to the exceptional quality of our work and the attention to detail invested in every aspect of the project.

This shared success has solidified the client's trust and confidence in our capabilities, making it clear that our partnership is poised for continued growth. As we move forward, both parties are enthusiastic about the prospect of further ventures together, fueled by a mutual understanding of each other's goals and an unwavering commitment to achieving excellence.